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Me, at the family Thanksgiving dinner, with my just past shoulder length hair.

For awhile, I tried to believe my husband.

I told myself I was being overly sensitive and that my stepmother-in-law did not mean the “hair comments” the way I was taking them.

But, the length of my hair comes up every time I see her.

My husband, a former hippie, loves long hair. Every day he says so. As long as my hair is washed and combed, he doesn’t care if I blow it straight or let it dry curly. He gives me compliments.

I think all men have a visual picture of “their” ideal. And that my husband’s ideal has long hair.

Which my stepmother-in-law pooh-poohed by telling me about one of her friends who kept her hair long because that’s what her husband said he wanted. Then the foolish woman saw the light, became liberated and listened to her hairdresser.

The change was dramatic. The lady’s husband said he had no idea the lady (his wife) could LOOK SO MUCH BETTER.

That isn’t a subtle hint. I don’t think I am being overly sensitive. That story had a moral.

I know my long hair days are numbered.  I don’t think I’ll want long hair in my 60’s or 70’s.

But, when and how will I know the time has come?

I’ve been going through pictures of women close to my age or older. How long will THEY hold out  and keep their long hair?

It’s a dilemna I think many of us eventually face. But in the meantime, I gotta say…the women pictured below…they’re hot!

Ann Curry, age 51.

Bo Derek, age 51.

Christie Brinkley, age 53.

Meredith Viera, age 53.

Diane Keaton, age 62.

Dyan Cannon, age 70.

Jane Goodall, age 73

Cindy McCain, age 53

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hottie_33.jpg My “look” was a combination of Cher, Cleopatra and Morticia from the Adam’s Family. It took hours to get it right.

I was fifteen. It was my birthday and I was going on a “real” dinner date. 

It was also the first time I ate at a restaurant where  the person behind the counter didn’t ask if I wanted fries along with with the main course.

I’d spent hours getting ready.

My eyes were sexily ringed like Cleopatra’s. My lips were heavily coated in peppermint pink for maximum kissability. My dress was maroon with an empire waist and mini skirt. My shoes were clogs with big silver buckles. I’d poured “My Sin” by Lanvin over my pulse points every time I couldn’t smell myself.  And my long ironed hair hung down past my shoulders, like Morticia’s from the Adam’s family. Except, in my mind,  it was swinging from side to side like Cher’s did when she strutted onstage.

hottie1.jpg My, fried from being ironed, dark hair was my pride and joy. In humid weather curls still managed to sneak out.

Only “he” was 15 minutes late. Which cause me to overcomb and  flatten the top part of the hair I’d teased to perfection. My stomach was in knots.

But, I had only to smell his English Leather cologne that filled my parents front room and see his sporty, Madras plaid jacket to forget his breach. It was a wonderful start to an evening I expected to get better.

I wasn’t disappointed.

“He” took me to the M&M, a restaurant with early American maple tables, waitresses with red checked aprons and paper napkins. I’d never before had shrimp and saw the listing of breaded popcorn shrimp on the menu as proof I was in a top-rated place. Molded jello desserts on the buffet table were further evidence of sophistication.

“He” gave me a necklace with a single pearl for my birthday and his class ring. 

me_young21.jpg The pearl necklace is featured prominantly in this picture.

I had a boyfriend. 

With a ring to wear on a chain conspiciously around my neck or to cover with mohair and brush with a toothbrush in study hall, I was no longer an “unwanted”. I had a name to write over and over across my notebooks. And a “him” with wonderfully cute bad habits to complain about to those nearest and dearest.

 I will never forget that birthday. The M&M has been long gone. But, I do have a recipe that accurately replicates the cucumber mousse served on The M&M’s buffet.

It was and is still a favorite side dish.

We have cucumbers and tomatoes in abundance. Using them up in different ways is a challenge.


  • 1 package lime-flavored gelatin
  • 3/4 c hot water
  • 1/4 c lemon juice
  • 1 T grated onion
  • 1 c sour cream
  • 1 cup cucumber, pared, seeded, lightly salted and chopped
  • Dissolve gelatin in water. Add lemon juice and onion. Chill until almost set. Stir in sour cream and cucumbers. Fill a wet mold with mixture and chill thoroughly. When set, invert onto a platter and garnish.

    Cucumber mousse topped with a little mayonaise and served over lettuce makes a refreshing and different side salad.

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