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Turkey Creek Lane · First Snowfall

First Snowfall

Despite having crossed over into her senior years, Abby is as frisky as a pup!

It doesn’t get better!

We have fresh snow, two dogs and sunshine.

We can’t go into the woods, though. It’s deer hunting season. Every deer in the county knows DH and I don’t hunt. Their tracks are everywhere. They are everywhere.

We’ve flushed out full-antlered bucks. We’ve flushed out whole herds.

One of the deer is the smallest doe DH has ever seen. He saw her this summer and thought she was a fawn, until he saw the baby. DH was on his tractor and the fawn and tiny doe walked almost up to him. They weren’t the least bit afraid as they strolled by DH and the tractor on their way to a neighbor’s cornfield.

But, as beautiful as they are and as much as we love seeing them, the deer are a danger to our deer-running dogs who’ll hopefully give chase over car-ridden highways, past trigger-happy hunters and livestock-protecting farmers.

Until hunting season ends, the dogs have to be leashed or kept by the garden where they won’t be enticed into harm’s way.

Today though, nobody minds. Not with snow to run through and a dad who can be coaxed into throwing the ball.

It’s a most wonderful TIME of the year!

Abby is on the alert. There is a groundhog hole on the other side of the brush.

“Tag, you’re it!”

“You can’t catch me.” Buster’s smile says it all! He’s so pleased with himself, he doesn’t notice Abby isn’t trying to catch him.

Buster makes dog “snow angels”.

Buster’s ball. We got it for the horses, who wanted nothing to do with it. Buster found it and fell in love. We like it too. It wears Buster out more than a regular ball.

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  1. Simply Marvelous’s avatar

    Great photos !

    Absolutely loved my frolick in the snow with the Buster and Abby!

    Brings back such wonderful memories of how beautiful a fresh snow can be … especially with the bright sun.

    Thank you, SimplyMarvelous.

    If I don’t have to drive anywhere, snow is beautiful! Today it didn’t snow more but the snow from yesterday is still here. This morning we had a surprise outside waiting. We didn’t think about filling bird feeders when we were outside yesterday. Today we had a crowd of impatient hungry birds around them.


  2. jayedee’s avatar

    oh! that first picture of abby having a run thru the snow has just become my favoirte winter picture this year! bless her heart! i seriously have winter envy!

    Hi jayedee!

    The first snow is the best! By February, especially on a day you have to drive, it isn’t quite as charming. 🙂 Yesterday, though, was fun!! The dogs were overjoyed to have some new, wonderful stuff to play in.


  3. barngoddess’s avatar

    great photos!

    as much as I do not like snow………Id take it over this rain we’ve had.

    lol at the deer. Our hunting is done for one more year. We only harvested 1 buck and 1 large doe. Our freezer is full (sorta because weve been eating venison for days!).

    do you like venison?

    Hi Barngoddess,

    I like deer salami (or deer hard sausage), but had deer barbequed ribs before that I thought were pork ribs until it was too late. Maybe they weren’t cooked right. But, I ended up sneaking the ribs into a napkin and giving them to the dog under the table. It wasn’t easy either, because I’d been a pig and loaded my plate.

    I might like venison cooked differently. But, after the ribs, I’ve avoided it.


  4. risingrainbow’s avatar

    The snow looks beautiful. I”m glad it’s there and not here. I love to look at it but it’s hard to take care of all of these horses in the snow.

    It doesn’t surprise me your dog likes the horse jolly ball. Our dogs used to steal them from the horses to play with. But my horses love their jolly balls so it was kind of a free for all!

    Hi risingrainbow,

    Thank heavens my husband loves his tractor and got a manure thing attachment for it. He’s like a kid with a great toy every time he gets to use it. The horse drinking fountain is a blessing, too. Dealing with frozen pipes and ice and carrying buckets of water is the worst.

    I thought our horses would like a ball because they carry their feed pans around and throw them in the air. How did you get your horses to play with theirs?


  5. JJ’s avatar

    Great photos. We were expecting snow but it turned into rain and wind.

    Hi JJ,

    As long as the rain doesn’t freeze, it’s tolerable. I hate ice more than anything.


  6. supermom’s avatar

    Those photos are AWESOME! It never snows here so i love looking at snow pics. WTG on not being hunters

    Hi supermom,

    My husband does like to target shoot. But, we see the deer over the summer with their fawns and in family groups. They are not afraid of people on horses or tractors, either. So we feel sort of like they are ours.

    But, now that it is hunting season, I think they’ve told their friends. We have a LOT of deer in our woods now.


  7. risingrainbow’s avatar

    My horses play with everything, barrels, feed pans, balls. They just need the stimulation. But some of mine have used a foraging device (a ball with a place to put grain inside, when they roll the ball around a few pieces of grain fall out a hole in the side) so any of mine that didn’t start off playing with a ball and couldn’t be co-erced by one of their pasture buddies to play with one, usually pick it up from playing with the foraging device.

    Oh, I also hang balls from the ceiling for them to bat at in their stalls. Some take to it right away others it takes a while put once they figure it out they really like it. With brave horses, I bounce it off their legs by walking them through it and then begin kicking it gently at first to them. I think all of my colts and geldings play with balls and probably 3/4 of my mares and fillies.

    Hi rising rainbow,

    I think a foraging device would be a hit with our horses. We decided to get them the ball because they were carrying their rubber feed pans, tossing them and seemed to be playing with them

    Our horses like to play. Skipper races my husband when he is on his 4-wheeler. They also play with each other in the summer on cooler nights. Or when we switch them from one pasture to another, the first thing they do istake a gallop around bucking and kicking up their heels.


  8. jennylitchfield’s avatar

    We live in a subtropical area so the fresh snow looks great from a distance. Your dogs are certainly enjoying themselves.

    Hi Jenny,

    Oe of the reasons I love your blog is because it is subtropical and so different from where I live. I love hearing about your life in another part of the world.

    It is the same with supermom from South Africa.

    I feel privileged to have glimpses into your day-to-day lives.



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