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Turkey Creek Lane · Nappanee Tornado — Video From Inside the Dairy Queen

Nappanee Tornado — Video From Inside the Dairy Queen

The Dairy Queen AFTER the tornado.

HERE’S a video of the employees of the Napanee Dairy Queen a few minutes before the tornado hit. Note the response as the employees get phone call after warning phone call…the lights go on and off, the sky grows yellow…and then there are sirens.

Fortunately, the employees  took cover inside a restroom and survived.

More pictures of the tornado are here and here.

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  1. Taximom’s avatar

    Hi! This is Taximom from WS. I clicked on the link in your signature and found your lovely blog. I will definitely be trying some of the recipes. They look like some my mom used to make but she can’t find the recipes for them anymore.

    I think your china pattern is gorgeous and wonder if you would tell me the pattern name and who makes it? Thanks in advance!

    Take care now.



  2. barngoddess’s avatar

    OMG!! how scary. they are VERY lucky


  3. jolynna’s avatar

    Hi Taximom,

    You sent me on quite a quest yesterday and I still don’t have an answer. The dinnerware was my husband’s grandmother’s. The people she worked for gave the dishes to her. My husband’s grandmother kept house for and cooked for the Lozier family and when the Lozier’s replaced household items they gave their old stuff to her. (More about the Lozier family here: http://jolynna.wordpress.com/2007/06/28/dh%e2%80%99s-dutch-hoe%e2%80%a6a-gardening-heritage/ ).

    Anyway, the dinnerware is Haviland Limoges. From the marks on the back, it was made between 1890 and 1930. I have been trying to find the pattern name, but there are 30,000 Haviland patterns and I haven’t yet been successful. However, as a result of your question, I had fun doing research.


  4. jolynna’s avatar

    Hi Barngoddess,

    I think the video is especially scary for mothers of teenagers. When I watched the video, I was talking out loud and telling those kids to stop talking and take cover.

    They were good employees, though, and washed the dishes and turned off the lights first.



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