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Turkey Creek Lane · Nappanee, Indiana Tornado Damage Photos & Updates from the News

Nappanee, Indiana Tornado Damage Photos & Updates from the News

Tornado Warning Siren

On vacation
On vacation 2
Marathon Gas Station and Convenience Store Sign
1″ thick steel on bottom of Marathon sign bent from the tornado.
Marathon Service Station
Marathon Service Station 2
Closeup of all that is left of the Marathon Station’s convenience store.
House and bulldozer
Taco Bell
Taco Bell 2

Lawn and Garden store with Wizard of Oz truck over former Nappanee citizen. (Actually, it’s a man changing his tire.)


Utility workers haven’t had a day off since the tornado.

Human Resource Services

The petunias in front of the Lawn and Garden Store in the “Lawn Boy Flower Box” not only survived the storm but sprang back up.

Fairmont Homes

Fairmont Homes 2

Fairmont Homes 3

Fairmont Homes 4

Fairmont Homes 5

Fairmont Homes 6

From Tuesday, October 23, 2007 headlines:

Kevin Yoder is one of many who lost his home. He also lost his business, barn, and many of his animals in the tornado. Monday morning, about 75 people showed up to start the rebuilding process.

Church’s insurance company says the building is not salvageable, and will have to be torn down

Nappanee seeks Federal Aid after 199 homes and 53 businesses either damaged or destroyed

From Wednesday, October 24, 2007 headlines:

Amish-Mennonite Community pulls together to help storm victims rebuild.

Volunteers turned away in Nappanee.

Nappanee residents get help finding employment.

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  1. risingrainbow’s avatar

    OMG! I can’t even imagine what that way like. Tornados are so scary.


  2. merrimerri’s avatar

    Jolynna, those are good photos; but how grim!!!


  3. RubyShooZ’s avatar

    Hugs to you and yours. Sorry to hear your husband didn’t get a chance to use your new generator, I wish we had one since our power goes out quite a bit in our piece of the woods.

    I just can’t imagine how long it’s going to take to get back to “normal” or if you ever can. It seems to me that when things like that happen it’s one of those “You can never go home again” type things. So sorry about all the loss.

    I imagine you and others are keeping busy – it really must be a huge strain on the community. Here’s to some peace and quiet for you and your community for a while at least.

    Peace always, ~ RS ~

    (consider me a new regular here, I think I love this blog from what I’ve seen so far!)


  4. pat.houseworth’s avatar

    Form Ohio, Retired, work part time at Hoosier Transit and deliver RVs for Gulf Stream….glad the Marathon was closed for the evening…..it will be a long recovery.



  5. Donald S’s avatar

    May God bless all those who live in Nappanee and the surrounding area. we are hurting and praying for you. May God shine His countenance upon you and give you peace as you use that good ol’ Hoosier “pull yourself up by the bootstraps and keep on going” spirit that drives us all to survive the ordeals of life.

    We love you!!!!!!!

    Donald Simmons


  6. barngoddess’s avatar

    wow-your photos are incredible. My heart goes out to everyone who is living thru such devastation. It can happen to any one of us….


  7. pat.houseworth’s avatar

    Even more scary that the Marathon was open…I talk to the boys the work there every fillup(I assumed they were the sons of the owner) great kids….if those businesses were open, it’s even more amazing that no one received serious injuries…..I will be up at Gulf Stream Friday….NOT looking forward to seeing the damage.


  8. mon@rch’s avatar

    Wow, that tornado really did some damage! great photos!


  9. Simply Marvelous’s avatar

    How dreadful! Your photos really show the strength of the disaster. Having grown up in Nebraska … it is all too familiar.

    Thanks for the links to the Amish news story.

    After our frightening fires and the work of rescuing of horses, and your tornado damage … it shows that there are many wonderful people in the world who reach out to help others.


  10. Dolores’s avatar

    Our prayers go out to all of you. We have friends in Nappanee and it is so devastating to hear about this and see these pictures, which are excellent, by the way.


  11. Carlene Duncan’s avatar

    My husband and I were just in Indiana the first part of October and spent quite a bit of time in Nappanee visiting the library, having some wood work done by one of the Amish men and just enjoying your quaint little town. How sad to see the damage done but praising God that no one was killed. We live in Rossville, GA but I grew up in Leesburg and have so many good memories of time spent in the Nappanee area. I purchased my wedding gown fabric at a little store in downtown and over the years bought many shoes at Metgzers – if that is how to spell it! Just this year my husband and I enjoyed lunch in a little downtown cafeteria. We pray for the families who need shelter – I know God will take care of each.

    Carlene Weirick Duncan
    Rossville, GA


  12. JJ’s avatar

    Oh my gosh I had no idea you lived in tornado country! Stay safe. I use to live in earthquake country.



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