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Turkey Creek Lane · Indiana Tornado Damage Pictures

Indiana Tornado Damage Pictures

Last night at 10:30 p.m. our Weather/All Hazard’s Alert radio told us to take shelter. It got dark. It got windy. Abby ran through the dog door and out into the back yard to bark at the storm. Buster hid under a chair. Our cats, Simba and Biggs paced nervously, staying close to DH and I.  Kitty was out in the woods somewhere.

We turned our television to our local satellite weather channel. The announcer said a tornado had touched down and was 16 minutes away.  Our Police Scanner reported  a couple calling in on a cell phone phone saying they were trapped under the rubble of their house.

DH watched out the back door and saw nothing in the dark.

It was a long night.

This morning  we found fiberglass insulation from homes in Nappanee in our front yard. According to the news some of Nappanee’s debris was found in Constantine, Michigan…40 away.

Here are some pictures of Nappanee. I may have more this weekend.

A barn down the road lost its roof.

Electric poles down…DH and I did not lose our electricity.

200 Homes and buildings were damaged. It is estimated that 100-150 are damaged beyond repair.

The south side of Nappanee. Winds reached 165 m.p.h.

More damage from the powerful F-3 tornado.

The Dairy Queen.

A closer view of rubble and metal wrapped around an electrical wire.

A farm east of Nappanee.

Here is where I get vegetables in the summer. The Weaver’s lost some of their roof, several trees, and all of their vegetable stand. Notice the right porch post.

 A picture of Weaver’s vegetable stand sign I took in June.

Where the sign and vegetable stand used to be.

Splitting wood.

More wood splitting.

Neighbors and relatives work together.

Stocking up for winter.

Media Links:
Powerful Tornado in Nappanee, Residents clean up/Includes Video Coverage,
Fort Wayne WPTA-TV


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  1. chughes’s avatar

    Tornados are fascinating, terrible systems.
    Thank the Lord, that you and your family are okay.

    Thank you chughes.

    I am very glad we are all ok, too. It was a scarey night.


  2. Melany (Supermom)’s avatar

    OH my goodness! That’s terrifying. Glad you are all ok


  3. jayedee’s avatar

    i said a little prayer of thanks to know that He cradled you all in His arms last night! wow!


  4. ellaella’s avatar

    My goodness! What powerful photos. Thank heaven you and DH are okay. With all that damage it’s amazing you didn’t even lose power.


  5. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage’s avatar

    Oh my! I’m so glad that you and yours are safe. What a scary night you must have had. The photos are really sobering. I’m sure you’ll be ready to get a long night’s sleep tonight. ~~Cindy


  6. aullori’s avatar

    these photos are so tragic and powerful. I love how you connected it to the veggie stand you go too – this really strikes home. (What would I do without the Anderson’s local produce?) I’m happy your all well (but that probably goes without saying) hopefully you and the neighborhood recover quickly from natures violation. (Honestly I feel lame saying all this but wanted to make a comment of some kind – fundementally, I think this is where pictures speak a thousand words and comments kind of fall short just sounding stupid. So I’ll just sit down in a corner a color.) Except to say your all in my prayers.


  7. RubyShooZ’s avatar

    Oh my goodness. You posted on my blog that you had some tornadoes but the pictures speak much louder. Wild weather! I hope you’re doing okay.

    I bet many people are working together today in ways they might not have before though. It’s things like this that bring people together.

    Thanks for stopping by. This is a very interesting, facinating blog and I hope to see you again, here there and everywhere. I know I’m going to keep coming back.

    Peace today.
    ~ RS ~


  8. jennylitchfield’s avatar

    Sometimes we see brief TV news items about tornadoes in the USA but your photos capture the human experience so vividly and poignantly. I can’t begin to imagine the destructive power of a tornado. What struck me was your caption about neighbours working together. People are wonderfully resilient when they pull together to rebuild. We might be a world apart but we’re not so very different as was our neighbourhood experience after a gale-force storm in July.


  9. rockyroadoflove’s avatar

    Do you have a storm cellar? Only recently have we started having tornadoes in our part of Tennessee and our family now has a tornado drill. When the warning comes, we each grab something we can’t live without and go to the cellar. Those winds are unbelievably powerful. You’re helpless when a tornado hits. I’m so glad you and your family are unharmed and that you live in such a supportive community.


  10. terry ramsey’s avatar

    glad to hear you survived the storm howard thank god it did not take your most important assett your family, let me know if i can be of any help i am pretty worthless since i became disabled but i will do what i can


  11. barngoddess’s avatar

    wow-the power of Mother Nature always amazes me. I feel badly for the people who lost their homes and businesses.

    I am glad you are okay! when the weather gets severe it is not any fun at all. I like a good thunderstorm but NOT the ones w/ tornados. When I moved to Oklahoma from the UP of MI, it never occured to me I was moving to Tornado Alley!

    That is a lot of wood! We had a woodstove years ago in our old house, I miss it on freezing dreary days not the MESS and HASSLE it often was.

    I do have a fireplace that is pretty cozy…..


  12. terra4incognita’s avatar

    Wow, 165 mph winds, that’s a powerful storm– that must have been a scary night for you all. My prayers are with you, and all that lost so much. I’m so glad you and your family and pets are all okay!


  13. risingrainbow’s avatar

    That is amazing that you had debris in your yard from 4 miles away. I’m so glad that your family is all safe. Tornados just terrify me. I was in Denver one time during tornado season and I was a wreck every time that signal went off, and it went off a lot that year.


  14. Merri’s avatar

    Gosh I didn’t realise how strong that wind must have been..how frightening…
    I too am very glad that you and your family are all right..


  15. Stephanie’s avatar

    I grew up in Nappanee and the tornado touched down just a half mile from my Grandfathers house..You know what the amazing this is..He didn’t even have a tree limb down..My uncle owns the nursing home in Nappanee and they didn’t have power until noon the next day…I heart went our to all the patients and my sister that put in a 20 hour day..
    I remember as a kid begging my mom to take me to the Dairy Queen and even to the present when ever my mom and I would go to visit our family I would ask her to take me to Dairy Queen. (To bring back the good ol days) and now its gone…Its all gone.. The factory my mom used to work at is gone..Wow..All the memories..
    I just thank GOD that no one was killed.. From what my family was saying it was quite a storm.. My heart will always be in Nappanee…


  16. nouveaufauves’s avatar

    What are these people who have lost their homes and/or workplaces doing now? I just can’t imagine having my life interrupted like that.


  17. jolynna’s avatar

    I would like to thank each and every person who commented for their kind words, thoughts and prayers. I will try to answer all of the questions, too.


    The Missionary Grace church set up a temporary shelter and their members also took in families that needed a place to stay. Fairmont Homes which was pictured in my second group of pictures was supposed to have some production today in another building. I included some updates in yesterday’s post from the news. Basically people are “making do”. This is a very close community where people take care of each other. Nappanee has applied for Federal aid.


    I am very glad that your family’s nursing home is fine. It is sad to see businesses like the Dairy Queen that have memories for so many down.

    But, I think the main thoughts by everyone who has seen the damage, is HOW did something like that go through and do so much…and ONLY leave five people hurt (none life-threatening)? I shuddered driving by the retirement community and nursing home. It was SO close (a few blocks north) to Fairmont Homes and where the worst damage was done.


    I am very glad that all of my family and my pets are fine, too. Tornadoes are very strange in the way they work. They are selective. (Or this one was) On one house, the home was fine, but the garage and everything in it was gone and looked as if it had been through a paper shredder.

    Rising rainbow,

    It is VERY amazing to see what damage wind can do. Tornadoes terrify me too.


    Those were very powerful storms. What amazes me the most is that more people were not injured or that nobody was killed. At 10:30 the Taco Bell and Dairy Queen and Marathon Convenience store would have been open.

    The Marathon Service Station owner is a friend of my husband’s. I didn’t ask him how his employees escaped, but since I saw the store, I have been wondering. There is nothing left to that station. I don’t see how anyone could have survived. It looks like just a mass of twisted metal.


    I agree that woodstoves are messy. But, I miss having one sometimes. I love the feel of them against your back after the first cold snap and the smell of burning wood. My ex and I had one many years ago.

    Mother nature definitely CAN be scarey.

    Terry Ramsey,

    Hi, thank you for your kind words and offer to help. My husband and I are fine. The town of Nappanee also has had to turn away volunteers so many people want to help.

    But, thank you so much for offering.


  18. jolynna’s avatar


    We DO have a cellar/basement. It is horrible though. It has steep steps, spiders, mold, low ceilings, it smells and is wet and full of dust. BUT, we were ready to go into it if my husband had seen anything looking out.
    He would had to have carried the dogs because they won’t willingly go into the basement. Or dogs aren’t small either. And one of them was wet.

    But, my husband didn’t see anything. I didn’t know until the next day that people where the tornado hit said they didn’t see anything either because it was so dark.

    Fortunately tornadoes are selective and we weren’t chosen. Tornadoes totally destroy one building and another building standing a few feet away will be fine.


    This was a very destructive storm, BUT, Nappanee is a very tight community. You are right about people pulling and working together. Today’s news has a story about a man who had 75 people show up to completely rebuild his destroyed barn in a day.


    Thank you for your visit. I would love to have you come back. You are right about people pulling together. Nappanee had so many volunteers they have been turning people away.


    Thank you for your prayers. I think they already helped. Despite the terrible damage and destroyed buildings, only 5 people were hurt and none of the injuries were life threatening.

    Pictures DO say more than any words. I couldn’t begin to describe what happened to the buildings


    Thank you for your comments. We did get a lot more sleep in the nights after the tornado that during.


    It is strange we didn’t lose our power. Neighbors not that far did. However, I am not sure my husband would have minded losing power for awhile. He just got a new generator. I think he would have liked to have had a reason for his new “machine” to kick on.


    Thank you for your kind words and prayers.

    Melany (supermom),

    Thank you for your comment and kind words.


  19. Idetrorce’s avatar

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you



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