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Turkey Creek Lane · Tagged! Seven Honest Things

Tagged! Seven Honest Things

I have been tagged by paperseedblog of http://paperseed.wordpress.com/ and asked to post 7 honest things about myself. It sounds easy,  but I’ve been putting it off. Until now.

I am a homebody. Crowds make me uncomfortable. I hate shopping malls and supersized “one-stop” groceries. Give me a little shop anyday. I dread parties. My home is warm and cozy. It has my husband, my animals, my books, my computer, my hi-def tv and all of my favorite foods. I love my house and being in my house.

 I hate small talk. I am not good at it. I feel awkward and tongue-tied. My mind drifts. When I was single I suggested movies for first dates to avoid conversation.

 With  friends and family or when talking about things I care about, I am a chatterbox. My poor husband sometimes has to wait to get in a word edgewise.

I like old things better than new. I have a passion for antiques. Only I want to use them instead of storing and preserving them. I read the old books, display the arrowheads, work with the kitchen tools and stir my cakes in antique bowls. These items have a history and I like adding to it.

blog-pictures-001.jpg I don’t love all of my animals the same. I secretly love Abby and Simba the most. I love Abby because she has become my dog. I love Simba because he smells so good and because he snuggles. Simba would rather be DH’s cat, but sometimes he bestows himself upon me and purrs and cuddles. I love smelling his fur and hearing his purr.

Sometimes, when DH asks me to go for walks I say no and make excuses. There is always something else I’d rather do. But, “if “I go, I am always glad I did. A walk through our woods is more relaxing than a tranquilizer.

“All the Critters” has a quiz (http://allthecritters.wordpress.com/2007/10/05/take-this-quiz-to-find-out-what-animal-you-are/) to find out what kind of “animal” you are.

I took the quiz.

I am a “pale giraffe” — an introvert. Imagine.

What kind of animal are you?

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  1. paintingartist’s avatar

    Quite interesting Jolynna. I love antiques myself with a few rough edges. I prefer a comfortable home to an uptight can’t do anything home.

    Hi paintingartist,

    I definitely prefer comfortable to uptight, too.


  2. imagineannie’s avatar

    I am a Golden Falcon, and this was a very interesting read. I definitely agree with you about old things (I live in one!) and being a homebody.

    Hi imagineannie,

    You are so imaginative and post so many good recipes that I bet your family prefers staying home to eat.


  3. jayedee’s avatar

    i’m a tan giraffe-the loner…….go figure! just because i like my critters better than most folks and don’t leave the house any more often than i absolutely have to! oy! lol

    Hi jayedee,

    When you’ve got snuggly animals, lots of books, interesting projects and a snuggly husband, it doesn’t get much better than home!


  4. Laurie’s avatar

    You and I seem to be very much alike!

    I am a teal cat, a color and an animal that I love, but I suspect that I would be something else the next time I took the test!



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