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Turkey Creek Lane · Dating advice…immoral women & drunkards

Dating advice…immoral women & drunkards

I got this book at a garage sale years ago. It was fun to read.

Dating Advice and cutting edge medicine from “The Favorite Medical Receipt Book and Home Doctor”…

About Marriage — Now I am going to speak to you on a delicate and difficult subject, wrote Dr. Warner M.D. in 1904.

You are thinking of marriage; it is right that you should. To be married to a good man, sound in body and mind, whom you sincerely love, is the best fortune that can come to you

Dr. Warner was ahead of her time.

— It is better you die an old maid than marry a man that is fast. —
You are limited in your choice of a husband to the men who have signified their wish to marry you, but it is better that you should die an old maid than marry a man who is “fast” as your friends say, i.e., dissipated. Of course in marriage there are many considerations besides those of health, but those of health are the only ones on which I undertake to advise you.

There are two forms of dissipation which are to be avoided in a husband on the score of health — habitual use of alcoholic drinks to excess, and the habit of association with immoral women. It is not very common for a young man to be what is called a habitual drunkard, but a man who is frequently intoxicated when young will, in all human probability, be a habitual drinker before he is forty

  — Marriage to a man who drinks can cause your children to have nervous troubles, hysterics, epilepsy, and sometimes idiocy —

If you imagine you can reform such a man, you are greatly mistaken; he will grow worse and not better. He will not injure your health directly, only so far as misery, want and distress are likely to do it; but your children will suffer. They are likely to have all sorts of nervous troubles, hysterics, epilepsy, and sometimes idiocy.

The second form of dissipation is even more dangerous. It is quite common for a young man of that sort to contract diseases as a result of his bad habits, which, if you marry him, would be very likely to be communicated to you or to any children that you might have by him. Do not allow yourself to become interested in such a man, even if he has beautiful eyes and fascinating manners.

Choose for associates sober, steady young men. Do not be afraid to give them a little kindly encouragement if they are shy and awkward.

Morphine, quinine and a slew of other ingredients took care of neuralogical disorders in 1904.

As to Diet —You should eat good, simple food. Avoid rich cake, gravies, rich pastry and preserves. Ices in moderation are wholesome enough. Eat all the fruit you want, provided it is ripe and sound, but do not eat too much candy. It would be better not to eat any, but that is too much to expect of you, for candy is a girl’s greatest temptation in the eating line. Hot breads and buckwheat cakes are good to the taste, but trying to the digestion. Use tea and coffee with great moderation; they are nerve stimulants, which you do not in the least need. A cup of weak coffee you can have in the morning, if you want it, but save the tea till you are an older woman.

Take plenty of time for your meals, and masticate your food thoroughly.

Cosmetics, Powder, Rouge, etc. —Scorn everything of this kind.

I wonder if this receipt is where Smith Bros.’ Cough Drops began?

The editor explains the purpose of the book as well as the receipt and information sources.

NOTE: This was cutting edge medicine from the leading physicians at the beginning of the 20th century. It shows how far we have come as well as how little has changed.

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  1. Colleen De Koning’s avatar


    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and getting new ideas for tomato recipes. It’s nice that so many of them are suitable for vegetarians like me.




  2. barngoddess’s avatar

    omg, that consumption cure would send anyone to the hospital, lol.

    It looks like a fun read!


  3. jolynna’s avatar

    Good morning Glorybug,

    Thanks for visiting my website and for your kind words! You’ve got mail.

    Hi Barngoddess,

    LOL…you are right about some of those cures! It looks like anything and everything went into them.

    It was a fun read though, because while I don’t think the medicine helped much, I think that the lady Dr.’s ideas on diet and exercise (and how to choose a man) probably did extend some lives.


  4. Simply Marvelous’s avatar

    Actually, I think Dr. Warner is quite wise in both her advise about men and about healthful eating.

    She’s rather quaint in her descriptions, but certainly applies even today.

    She sounds like she speaks from experience. Very interesting !! Absolutely love historic discoveries such as this.

    The book had a lot from Dr. Warner about the value of women exercising. This was at a time when that kind of activity was something “nice” women didn’t do. It was longer than I wanted for my post though and I didn’t want to edit anything out so I didn’t include it here. But, to be a woman dr. in 1904 and to back then reach the same conclusions about diet and exercise that today’s experts hold is impressive.

    I love discoveries like that book, too. It’s an opportunity to go back in time.


  5. Melany aka Supermom’s avatar

    WOw…I’m amazed at her insight for those years! Amazing

    I was amazed too.

    She was a woman doctor at a time when it was felt that all a female had to know was how to keep house or “if you were of society” you were sent off to finishing school.


  6. Laurie’s avatar

    Wow, those medical receipts are quite…um…interesting. I guess that if you needed rest to get over your affliction, the alcohol, morphine, laudanum, and opium did the trick. But I don’t know how people survived the Gross’ Neuralgic Pills! That’s absolutely poisonous!


    I think, back then, if people got sick they would be better off if they WEREN’T able to afford to send for a dr. It sounds like some of those cures might be worse than the affliction.


  7. valwebb’s avatar

    What a wonderful post! And what a scary arsenal or pharmaceuticals…

    Thanks also for your comment about trying the photo transfers. If you had a lot of bleeding ink, I’m guessing you might have gotten ahold of waxed parchment… the wax prevents the ink from drying properly. If you can find just plain parchment, you may have a better result. Good luck!


    The ink WAS bleeding. I felt the parchment and it did feel kind of waxing. I will look for another kind. Thanks for your help.


  8. Kelsey Hough’s avatar

    What an interesting post. Dr. Warner sure was ahead of her time. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing.




  9. Kelsey Hough’s avatar

    “Choose for associates sober, steady young men. Do not be afraid to give them a little kindly encouragement if they are shy and awkward.”

    I love this quote. 🙂





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