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Turkey Creek Lane · Saving Kitty…

Kitty is trying to kill himself.

It’s a dangerous situation.

Kitty is so happy when he thinks his people are coming home he runs under the front wheels of every vehicle pulling into our drive. If you look for him, when it gets dark he’s hard to see.

We don’t know how to break Kitty of his new habit. Some of the visitors to our house are older and have enough trouble negotiating around our trees, shrubs or the barn to consider watching out for our little cat.

Kitty’s about to throw himself beneath a jeep wheel. Notice the tire tracks where he’s walking.

This week our horses kicked holes in the barn. We don’t keep them locked inside stalls. They can go inside or out at will. They’ve got free access to a big round bale of hay. They have a fan inside the barn. They have bug zappers. They have a drinking fountain.

The kicked out side of our barn.

I think the horses and Kitty are missing DH.

DH loves having a farm and spends his days as if he were a paid hand. He mows, works in the barn, trims trees, cleans up trails, fixes fences and as he does chores, the horse’s noses are right up his back or over his shoulder. When DH is outside their pasture, the horses watch his every move from the closest fence corner.

The not very remorseful barn kickers beg for treats.

Kitty lived wild and feral in DH’s woods for an entire year before DH was able to get close to him. He still spends most days outside. Only instead of being the cat that walked and lived alone, Kitty now follows DH like a dog. He is up and down ladders, running ahead of DH on paths in the woods and springing out from behind weeds to grab DH’s legs.

Lately though, DH has had obligations that have prevented him from being as available outside for our animals.

Simba’s found a sack and total bliss.

Biggs enjoys her favorite chair.

The newest member of our family, Scooter, the hummingbird, sips nectar and entices Biggs who is watching out the window.

Buster and DH greet Mr. Miller, the repairman who will be fixing our barn. The children soon are petting our horses although Mr. Miller said their horse is a new one. According to Mr. Miller, the new horse isn’t very well trained and behaved badly on the drive to look over our barn.

It’s that time of year and animal hair is everywhere. Abby watches me sweep.

It is shedding season and over the past week with my daughter visiting, every day was a reminder that I really need to check out the animal Dyson vacuum cleaner. Dog and cat hair were everywhere and clinging to our clothes everytime we left the house.

 Our pets are a lot of work and a responsibility. They aren’t cheap with vet visits, expensive and endless desires for Fancy Feast, hay, treats, toys and barn destroying. But, their joy, when we come home, is so overwhelming you cannot help but know it’s love in its  purest and most unselfish  form.

Simba may mostly be DH’s cat, but this week it was my face he snuggled up to every night. And in the mornings  DH made coffee and Abby came and nuzzled my arm so I’d wake up right before it was ready. Somehow, someway, those pets instinctively became nurturing and extra affectionate.

Are our pets worth the inconvenience and expense?

Absolutely. We don’t miss or think about their cost in time or money.

But, we’d sure miss them.

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  1. merrimerri’s avatar

    You are so right about our pets…they are costly to feed and care for but we would (and DO)miss them when they were/are gone.
    That kind of love is to be cherished!
    My mom has a big black and white cat(named ,of all things, Winston)
    He too, loves to come out and visit when cars come into the driveway. It is SO dangerous..


  2. jolynna’s avatar

    Winston is my daughter’s dog’s name.

    I hope Kitty gets over his new habit pretty soon. We try to remember to tell people to watch out for him, but sometimes I forget.


  3. barngoddess’s avatar

    “The not very remorseful barn kickers beg for treats.”

    omg, I am laughing so HARD! too funny.

    Watch out kitty! Our little 7 yo Elvis dog was ran down in our very own driveway last winter 🙁

    Ive heard all kinds of GREAT things about the purple Dysons. I want one, in fact, I NEED one………


  4. jolynna’s avatar

    I am so sorry about Elvis.

    I can’t think of a way to keep Kitty from his new habit. He trusts us to watch out for him. Ugh!

    I have been told the purple Dyson is the one to get.


  5. h’s avatar


    Sorry to hear that Kitty is still on suicide watch. I think we need to have a Crisis Intervention. 🙂


  6. jolynna’s avatar

    Hi h,

    Yes, Kitty is still on suicide watch. He came close to running out under the side of DH’s jeep tonight and DH was watching for him. He trusts us so much he just expects we will see and avoid him.

    We are trying to give him extra attention.


  7. nouveaufauves’s avatar

    I have a cat like that too. Have to really slow up when I pull into the drive way to avoid him. There are some nice photos in this series of posts. Enjoyed looking at them.


  8. nouveaufauves’s avatar

    Thanks so much for the compliment you placed on my blog, It looks great to have a comment like that on there. We all need a few of those from someone who does not know us at all. I have exhausted my relatives by now. (chuckle)



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