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Turkey Creek Lane · Two Dogs and a Cat Go to the Vet

Two Dogs and a Cat Go to the Vet

Macho, tough Buster, chaser of cats and bully of Abby, is scared.

“Collars are cruel,” said DH, “they make dogs choke. Before we go to the vet, I’m getting harnesses.”

And he did.

But, it was as if Buster had ESP.

“Isn’t Buster pretty,” we said. “Good boy, Buster, beautiful Buster.”

Our talk didn’t fool Buster one bit. He cowered and shook with fear. He seemed to know what was coming.

Buster is so upset because of the harness, I had to hold his head up to get him to look at me. He was also plotting his escape.

Buster wasn’t going sit and let it happen either. At the first opportunity he bolted through the dogdoor and hid in our backyard. DH had to go out and get him and carry him to the jeep.

In the meantime, I was in charge of putting Biggs in the cat carrier. 

Biggs inspects the cat carrier.

Then Biggs strolls on in.

I had only to shut the cat carrier door after Biggs went in on her own. Abby proudly let me put her regular collar on, strutted out to the jeep and hopped in. Except for Abby getting carsick and drooling and Biggs meowing, the ride to Maplecrest Animal Hospital was uneventful. 

Once we got to there, Abby practically drug me into the front waiting room. Then, DH signed everyone in and Buster retreated to hide in the corner with his head under a chair.

Buster is still wide-eyed. Abby is calm, but soon drooling from carsickness.

Buster hiding in the corner of the waiting room.

There was a different veterinarian in the office today, Dr. Jeff Longenbaugh. He won Abby and I over when he said her weight was just fine. Biggs didn’t fare as well. Eleven and a half pounds is a lot for such a small boned cat. But, despite all the talk about her fatness, Biggs purred contentedly through the examination and her vacinations.

 Buster didn’t recognize the vet and clung to him avoiding DH and I. I think Buster was remembering past times DH and I had betrayed him in the examining room. Once the vet took out the syringe to draw blood, though, DH had to help hold Buster down.

Biggs purrs through her embarrassing weigh-in and vaccinations.

Abby had an old scab from a tick bite.

No fleas, ear mites, heartworms or signs of problems. Everyone got a clean bill of health. DH paid.

We will be back again next year. In the meantime, I would like to thank the veterinarian, Dr. Jeff Longenbaugh and the staff at Maplecrest Animal Hospital.

Maplecrest Animal Hospital’s staff is hard at work.

The dogs lie low on the way home.

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  1. barngoddess’s avatar

    awwww, those were great photos!

    funny how your cat just went right inside. My Marv likes to ride in the car like a dog, he has to be looking out the windows and sitting in the middle. I get some weird looks.

    Thats great they are all healthy and wont need another check up for 1 year 🙂


  2. intlxpatr’s avatar

    Ohhhhhh, vet day. Our diabetic cat (no longer alive) used to give a loud mooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn and vomit every time we took her in the car. I still dread vet day – I have never had a cat who voluntarily went into the cat cage! Lucky you!


  3. merrimerri’s avatar

    Aww, how sad , poor Buster!
    Funny that he is the tough one usually!
    Glad that they all survived, and that the only problem was Biggs’ extra few pounds!
    I laughed to see how she strolled right into the carrier…


  4. paintingartist’s avatar

    Funny story. Reminds me of my crazy Jack Russel.


  5. Simply Marvelous’s avatar

    What a story! I feel like I’ve just been to the Vet !! I’m amazed at how you keep your camera clicking through cats, dogs, cages, vets, and the to and fro pictures of this adventure.

    Have you considered Hollywood?


  6. jolynna’s avatar

    Thank you Marvelous,

    I am just so glad to have it over and for everyone to be ok.

    I’ve considered Hollywood…I think everybody does when they are growing up and wishing to be whoever the the ultimate beauty of the time is. But, like your husband, my real dream was to end up on a farm with lots of animals.


    You have a Jack Russell? They are smart dogs. Or so I have heard.


    Buster is Mr. Macho usually. But, he didn’t look like a big bad dog cowering in the corner with his head under a chair. I guess he thought if his head was under the chair nobody could see him.


  7. jolynna’s avatar


    Your CAT rides in the car? Wow. I have never heard of that.


    Ohhhhh about your cat throwing up after the vet. I understand you dreading vet days. I didn’t have to deal with that, but took a nap after we got home anyway.


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