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Turkey Creek Lane · My Big Fat Animals

My Big Fat Animals

Abby by the garden. She’s a lab/border collie mix with eyes that radiate love.

“Don’t forget to call the vet to make an appointment for Abby and Buster.”

DH reminds me of the card we  just got in the mail announcing it’s time for our dogs to get their yearly checkups and shots.

“OK.” I wonder how long I’ll have to get Abby’s weight down before I have to face the vet.

Abby officially became a senior dog this month. Because of her advancing age, last year I was told to restrict her diet to take off  her extra weight. I did mean to take Abby on more walks, not to give her treats or to give her leftovers. But, nobody appreciates my cooking more than Abby.

 By default she’s my dog. Prevented by Buster from getting near DH or getting exercise from chasing a ball, (Buster gets to balls first and they are HIS)  Abby stays by me, where she can have bones and toys, without them being stolen. Rawhide twists, pigs ears, old socks with a knot in them, the sound of Abby’s gnawing is constant. She is a chewer. I hear her chewing as I type on my laptop, read, watch tv or drift off to sleep.

I’ve been taking Abby to the garden with me. It is our special time.  All I have to do is put on my old tennis shoes and Abby’s eyes widen, her ears go up.

She is asking.

“You can go,” I say.

Abby’s eyes shine, she smiles, her tail wags and she prances as we go out the door. Once outside she hurries to sniff the groundhog hole by the compost pile. She digs a little. Then she settles down in the shade and watches while I weed. Without her partner in crime, she doesn’t run away.

 But, even more than the garden, Abby likes being with me in the kitchen. Pie dough’s her favorite of favorites. It turns her into a greedy begger–one that barks if pie crusts are rolled out and no trimmings come her way.

Poor Abby has to go to the vet and be WEIGHED.

However, Abby’s chubbiness pales in comparison to Bigg’s bigness. I don’t know how long it has been since Biggs has had a checkup or vaccinations. So she needs to go to the vet, too.

And she will be weighed.

In all fairness, the cat was not small when my daughter gave her to us. DH and I said, when we first saw her, that Biggs lived up to her name. But, despite my daughter’s instructions to feed Biggs limited amounts of dry cat food only twice a day, Biggs quickly discovered Simba and Kitty only eat Fancy Feast. 

Biggs is mad because there’s hard cat  food in her bowl.

She was a quick convert.

She not only swats Kitty and Simba away from the Fancy Feast until she polishes off as much as both of them used to eat combined, she meows and rubs against DH when he puts whipped cream on my coffee with cinammon…until DH gives Biggs her own little pile of whipped cream. 

Biggs hasn’t slimmed down under our care.

Pie dough, whipped cream, the cans of Fancy Feast, why are the things which give loved ones the most pleasure so often what you have to deny them?

 I am cringing at having to face those scales. And the vet.

Whipped cream with cinammon on sweetened coffee.

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  1. barngoddess’s avatar

    that is a FAT cat!

    haha, we must be thinking alike. I posted about my obese cats today too.

    When my horse vet comes next month, she is going to cringe when she sees my cats. The only one around here at their proper wieght is my Old Horse Scooter.


  2. jolynna’s avatar

    LOL at Barngoddess’ comment.

    I am going to hurry over to look at your fat cats.

    At our house, all the males are lean and mean. But, Abby, Biggs, Summer and I, the females, well…we struggle.


  3. MOI’s avatar


    Love the pictures!!! My cat is about the size of Bigg only she’s of smaller stature and looks fatter of course. But she’s also 12 years old. I figure if you can’t get at in your old age when can you?? 🙂 Seriously, she’s outside all day and eats hard food. I think it’s all the baby bunnies she’s been catchin’. I love your blog!!


  4. wenchwit’s avatar

    You have some beautiful, WELL-CARED for animals. Nice to see…thanks for stopping by my blog. Appreciate the well wishes for Monique. She is a different cat after her Johnson’s baby shampoo bath and I am a grateful “mom.”


  5. merrimerri’s avatar

    jolynna, Our kitty was about that size(a female too) ; she lived to be 20!!!
    I did have to pare down her diet a bit though as it was a bit ridiculous to see her tummy sway from side to side as she ran down hte hallway (to the kitchen..lol)
    Its tough!


  6. jolynna’s avatar

    Welcome MOI,

    Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to know I am not the only person with a big cat. At 12 years old, I think your cat is entitled to spread out a little.


  7. jolynna’s avatar

    Welcome Wenchwit,

    I bet Monique feels better after the Johnson’s baby shampoo…poor thing. I am glad she didn’t suffer any worse from the experience.


  8. jolynna’s avatar

    Hi Merrimerri,

    Wow…20 years is a very long time for a cat, isn’t it? Despite the swaying stomach it sounds like she received really good care to live such a long life.


  9. healingmagichands’s avatar

    My cats are both big, but they are not fat. However, I will tell you that if they had opposable thumbs and could talk, they would be turning me in to the SPCA and PETA because CLEARLY they are being STARVED to DEATH. Sometimes they are so weak they can barely drag themselves over to the food bowl where they collapse, unable to bring up enough energy to address themselves to the positively and completely inedible hard kibble that has the nerve to be there. Should I go on? I am abusive, obviously.

    The funny thing is, a few months ago Mike was starting to get quite porky. He would eat all the food that was out, regardless of whether it was in his bowl or not. Kibble was good, Kibble was excellent. Bring on more kibble. Smokey is 15 years old now, and he had started having trouble digesting the hard food. So the vet suggested that we give him some wet cat food for breakfast to see if he would keep it down. I provided him with 1/2 can of fancy feast every morning, behind Mike’s back. It took Mike all of about three days to figure out that there was something very funny going on, and that he ought to be able to have Fancy Feast too. so now I split a can between them each morning. Now the interesting thing is, MIke believes that all cat food should be Fancy Feast. If it isn’t FF, then he really won’t eat it until he is actually quite hungry. So I can leave the kibble out for Smokey without having Mike wolf it all down. The result has been that he has lost weight. Go figure. Smokey, on the other hand, has stopped being thin as a rail because his food is now staying down. I’m not sure why wet food first thing in the morning is so much more acceptable to his stomach. But I’m glad it is, because I wasn’t enjoying watching him starve slowly to death.


  10. Simply Marvelous’s avatar

    This is just too cute ! As usual, another enjoyable story !
    And the photographs … well, they just speak for themselves !

    I’ve added you to my other site, which is named for our “country” road.

    The site is also listed on Simply Marvelous under Favorite Links as:
    “A Little Farm In Southern California”.

    If you ever have a spare minute, would love for you to drop by our “farm”.


  11. jolynna’s avatar

    Hi Healingmagichands,

    Ohhh….I am glad the Fancy Feast was able to settle poor Smokey’s stomach. And giving Mike a taste of Fancy Feast seemed to have given you some control over how much he eats.

    Our cats get very upset when there is anything but Fancy Feast in their bowls. They are also good at tricking DH and I by going to the person who didn’t feed them and pretending they haven’t eaten yet and are starving.

    It doesn’t matter that they successfully get fed full portions twice each feeding time often several times a week, they are so pathetic and convincing, we keep falling for it.


  12. jolynna’s avatar

    Simply Marvelous,

    I DID visit your site early this morning. I am impressed.

    As far as I am concerned a blog devoted to animals and country living (or good food) is a total joy to read.

    However, your outstanding photography and talented writing make yours special. As on your “Simply Marvelous” blog, you have an ability to choose subject that touch and move your readers.

    P.S. Is the painting one of your works?


  13. Robin’s avatar

    Too funny! On the 14th I posted a pic of my 30 pound cat in a bushel basket. Hallmark should have a card for this occasion!


  14. jolynna’s avatar

    Oh my gosh Robin,

    You have one VERY big cat! She is pretty though. I saw some of the pictures of wildlife on your site. Wow. I love the picture of the fox.


  15. Wendy’s avatar

    They may be chubby but they are very cute (even the cat – I’m not a cat person!) and look very happy. It’s so difficult to say no to them, isn’t it?


  16. Simply Marvelous’s avatar

    Hi Jolynna,
    Thanks for your kind words.

    You and your site are an inspiration to me and to many others !


  17. thegardensedge’s avatar

    I thought I would journey over and read your blog. I love it- I am adding it to my blogroll.

    I had such a good laugh when I read this. I dread those visits, too, because everyone (people and pets) in this household is overweight. With the exception of my husband, who needs to gain a few pounds in order to “match” the rest of us, LOL.

    The vet always gives us the usual “obese animal” routine, and suggests diets, etc. He doesn’t know what a piece of heaven the sound of a lid popping off the top of Fancy Feast is to spoiled felines. Of course, pop the lid on any can and you get the same reaction from them- they assume all cans are Fancy Feast.

    Thank you!



  18. jolynna’s avatar

    Thank you for your comments and kind words, Wendy, Simply Marvelous and thegardensedge!

    I agree with you, gardensedge about how the animals can hear the lids being popped anywhere they are in the house.

    We have to take the old cans out to the big dumpster bin after we feed the cats because the dogs can get into all other trash cans. Even the covered ones. When DH mows their backyard, he has to stop and pick up catfood cans often.


  19. nouveaufauves’s avatar

    Beautiful pets. Mine get fat too. I try to help them stay slimmer but they are like me.


  20. important link’s avatar

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