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Turkey Creek Lane · Simba, the Piano Cat & How I Met DH

Simba, the Piano Cat & How I Met DH

Simba helping DH play the piano. 

One of DH’s most treasured possessions is his mother’s piano. Although he only took a few lessons, he spent many an hour, growing up in his parent’s home, playing whatever tunes were popular on the radio. Simba, our big orange tomcat, also has an ear for music and hurries to join DH at the sound of a piano key.

Not that he is especially wanted.


“Jolynna, I’ve got a small problem on my hands,” says DH, “can you come and get him?”

“He won’t stay with me,” I respond.

And it’s true. Although Simba was my cat before we were married, Simba is DH’s cat now. Simba meows and scratches the bathroom door should DH be so rude as to close it. Simba follows DH inside. He follows DH out. When DH takes an afternoon nap, usually all three cats join him.

I tease DH about his animal magnetism. And all of the (ummm…) cats he gets.

But, actually, DH’s love for animals is the reason we met.

When I first moved to the midwest, I checked out the Yahoo personals. Just to look. Although I had moved into a rural area, there were 900 men in my age range on Yahoo. But, it was the “must love animals” in DH’s ad that caught my eye. (That and he is nice looking.) I joined Yahoo personals immediately, composed my own profile and sent DH a response.

“I am looking for a man that is macho enough to know how to fix the things that break in my  house, and sensitive enough to hold my hand during scary movies.” I listed among my requirements. But, there was more…

It took DH three long days to check his e-mail and answer.

“Yes,” he said,” yes I have a barn. And yes, I will get you a horse.”

We were married within three months.

jolynna.jpg My Yahoo personals’ profile pic. It is still taped to the back of our bathroom mirror. That’s where DH put it when he got the first e-mail.

  1. paperseedblog’s avatar

    Are you serious? That is such a neat story. I love it.


  2. jolynna’s avatar

    Hi paperseedblog,

    Yes, I met my husband online. Thanks for your kind comment.


  3. barngoddess’s avatar

    awww, what a great story!
    You are lucky, it was meant to be
    is all I can say 🙂


  4. Simply Marvelous’s avatar

    What a fantastic story!

    How clever you were in your list of requirements for any admirers coming your way. DH certainly fits the bill. Anyone that can build a cat climber and then pet the cat while playing the piano … is definitely THE WINNER !

    What a great household you have.


  5. jolynna’s avatar

    Thank you so much barngoddess and Simply Marvelous!

    I am very lucky. I pinch myself every day to make sure it isn’t all a dream. I wouldn’t trade my husband for anyone. 🙂


  6. [jm.n]’s avatar

    Ahh, this is such a humorous and soft-fuzzy-warmies story! Simba seems like my kinda cat, laidback and into everything. You’re very lucky to have found DH, treasure him (I know you do…)! Cheers! 🙂


  7. merrimerri’s avatar

    What a sweet kitty! (what a lovely story too..you are living a wonderful fairy tale!)
    Have you seen a similar piano loving cat named Nora?
    There is a video of her here…
    You have a great blog!
    take care..


  8. jolynna’s avatar

    Thank you so much for your kind words, jm.n and merrimerri.

    Jm.n, Simba is hard to resist. He’s always happy and makes sweet chirping noises when you call him.

    Hi merrimerri, thanks for your link to Nora. I am going to go and check her out!


  9. jolynna’s avatar

    I just watched the Nora video. She is so cute. And they got her from the shelter…

    Thanks again for the link.


  10. merrimerri’s avatar

    you are welcome!
    I STILL go and view it sometimes ; she is such a sweet kitty!


  11. intlxpatr’s avatar

    This is pretty weird. My cat, when we got him, was also called Simba. We thought it was a girl-y name for a cat and gave him a more tomcat like name. He is also orange and white, and . . . ADORES my husband! Total hoot!


  12. naturespaintbox’s avatar

    Thank you so much for visiting my site and for your kind comments about my blog so I thought that I would pay you a visit also. This is a terrific story about human and animal relationships and I love the warmth & honesty which comes out in your personal writings. This bond between DH and Simba is gorgeous and similar to my husband’s bond with a ginger tabby who just wandered in. There is a horrible, macho thing happening in Australia where it is uncool for men to “like” cats!


  13. jolynna’s avatar

    Hi naturepaintbox,

    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    I enjoyed your site. I love animals and animal stories.

    You know it is even more gorgeous when a man is close to and loves a cat when he lives where it is “uncool” to like them. That ginger tabby found himself the right home.



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