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Turkey Creek Lane · DH’s Cat Ladder Goes International

DH’s Cat Ladder Goes International

DH’s cat ladder.

DH’s cat ladder is on the Swedish blog, http://katt-trappa.blogspot.com/.

Katt-trappa is Swedish for cat ladder. The site is a picture gallery and a tribute to all of the fantastic cat ladders of the world. It features 331 cat ladders. That is practically one for every day of the year.  Some are unbelievable!

Here are a couple of the cat ladders. There are many more at http://katt-trappa.blogspot.com/. There’s even a video of a ladder-climbing cat.

This cat ladder from Zurich, Switzerland is probably one of the tallest cat ladders in the world.

A cat from Germany climbs his ladder.

  1. pinguino’s avatar

    i love your cat ladder and the story about it!


  2. pinguino’s avatar

    scrolled through your blog and saw another cat entry. wow. lucky cat, guess she needed the ladder more than most cats


  3. imagineannie’s avatar

    How cool! The German ladder-climbing cat looks just like my cat, Teddy. Perhaps he needs a ladder.


  4. jolynna’s avatar

    Hi Pinquino,

    Thanks for your kind words and for visiting. I am glad my husband was able to find a way for Biggs to get in and out of the house as needed without being stressed.

    Hi Annie,

    Maybe Teddy would like a ladder. When my husband made one for Biggs, I thought he had come up with something new. But, evidently people all over are making them and buying them for their cats.


  5. barngoddess’s avatar

    How cool!

    Way to go to your DH 🙂


  6. jolynna’s avatar

    Thanks barngoddess! DH is happy about his cat ladder being on katt-trappa!


  7. rockyroadoflove’s avatar

    What a cool idea! I’ve never even heard of a cat ladder. Proof, I guess, that cats are not afraid of heights. Do you read the comic strip Cats with Hands? Go to http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/fun/cats.asp. It’s one of my favorites.


  8. [jm.n]’s avatar

    I’m with rockyroadoflove, I too had never heard of them. Anything to make a cat’s life easier is cool with me (yes, I’m a cat-lover but have none–don’t need them, as my opposite neighbour has five!). Way to go DH! 🙂


  9. Simply Marvelous’s avatar

    What an adventure these cat climbers have proved to be!
    Great fun looking at the pictures !

    Now, you have me looking around my area … for cat climbers.
    Will send photo, if I find any.



  10. jolynna’s avatar

    Hi Rockyroadoflove, jm.n & Simply Marvelous,

    I had never heard of Cats with Hands, but I went to the site and found them. It IS a cute comic strip.

    jm.n, it sounds like you still get cat fixes with five next door.

    Simply Marvelous, if you DO find any cat ladders and get a photo please send a copy to me!

    I am fascinated to find out that there are so many in existance.


  11. [jm.n]’s avatar

    jolynna, You’re right, whenever I go out from my apartment, I can see one or two that are sitting at the highest spot in her front courtyard, and of course I say hello! 🙂



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