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Turkey Creek Lane · DH’s Dutch hoe…a garden heritage

DH’s Dutch hoe…a garden heritage

dsc00125.jpg   When DH’s grandfather came to the United States from Holland in 1915, he brought his favorite gardening tools including his Dutch hoe.

Descended from a long line of gardeners and landscapers, DH’s grandfather went to work for the Lozier estate in Rochester, NY in 1925 as a chauffer, gardener, landscaper and handyman. He lived in an old 1860’s firehouse with the bottom half converted into a garage/garden storage area and the upper level into living quarters.

One of his responsibilities was keeping the Lozier house’s vases full of flowers from the garden. DH’s grandfather’s floral arrangements usually featured gladiolas. They were his favorite flowers.

DH’s grandfather and grandmother at the Lozier estate

dsc00124.jpg   DH’s Dutch Hoe

A Dutch hoe is also known as a scuffle hoe. It works by pushing rather than pulling. The head is angled to rest on the ground while cutting on the push stroke. It is rugged enough to chop out small roots and dig out stones while allowing the gardener to slide the head into tight spaces without damaging plant roots.

  1. imagineannie’s avatar

    I loved this post, especially the picture of your husband’s grandparents. The information about the hoe was interesting, and so was the story about the immigration to the U.S.. I wonder if he grew or tended any of the famous lilacs of Rochester. Thanks for sharing this!



  2. jolynna’s avatar

    Thanks Annie!

    My husband says he knows of the lilacs you are talking about. He said the parks and boulevards and hospitals have rows and rows of them leading up their streets and that it is really spectacular in the springtime. He also said as far as he knows the property his grandfather tended did not have lilacs. And that this is surprising considering that the lilacs are everywhere.

    However, thank you again for coming by.



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