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Turkey Creek Lane · How to bring overwintered geraniums back to life…

How to bring overwintered geraniums back to life…

We use a lot of flowers in the summer. Geraniums are a good choice for us. They’re hardy and will  survive mild neglect.

There are too many lovely geraniums to throw away. We decided to try to overwinter them.

We overwintered our geraniums dormant in our dark basement.

Here’s how: Storing your geraniums dormant. 

When we brought the geraniums up this spring, we didn’t take them outside right away. We were afraid too much sun, too soon, might harm them. We kept them in our garage for 2 days to acclimate to the sun that came through those windows. Then we brought the geraniums outside and sheltered them next to the wooden fence.

One of the 12 geraniums we brought inside for the winter was overwatered during our acclimation process. It turned mushy. But even so, 11 geraniums is a good start on summer flowers.

This is what they look like after being in the dark for months. Notice the little leaves starting to sprout on the thin white stalks..

The leaves are more developed on this plant.

We brought this one up over a week ago to see how it did. It looks good.

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  1. risingrainbow’s avatar

    I haven’t had much luck wintering over plants. I tried with a fuschia tree this year and I’m thinking it’s just not going to make it. But I didn’t even know you could winter over these geraniums.

    Hi rising rainbow,

    I didn’t know you could “winter over” geraniums before I met my husband. But, my father-in-law has been overwintering his geraniums for years.

    I was SOOOO excited when we brought the geraniums up from the basement and they got stalks and then leaves. Best of all, over the winter you don’t water them or do anything. Just put them downstairs and forget about them. In the dark geraniums go dormant.

    As I said, my father-in-law always winters-over geraniums and his flowers are beautiful.


  2. BarnGoddess’s avatar

    I have never had luck wintering my outside ‘summer’ plants. I want to purchase some honeysuckle, not sure how it’ll winter tho….

    good post!

    Hi Barngoddess,

    I think honeysuckle would do great where you live. I’m in zone 5 and we have honeysuckle. It’s a hybrid, orange tangerine. It thrives in this climate so I think you’d be fine with it over the winter.



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