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Turkey Creek Lane · Buster and Abby get creamed…

Buster and Abby get creamed…

There are many ways to say, “I love you.”

DH puts a dollop of whipped cream with cinnamon sprinkles on my coffee every morning when I get up. He also brings it to me after dinner. The cats get whipped cream on saucers. The dogs take their whipped cream straight.

It makes us feel spoiled, pampered and loved. See how the dogs are smiling…

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  1. risingrainbow’s avatar

    I am so envious you’ve made your move and are all up and posting and I’m still sitting here thinking about it.

    As for the video, how sinful is that? LOL

    Hi rising rainbow,

    Thank heavens, my son-in-law is a tech genius. I was lost.

    The dogs LOVE their whip cream. So do the cats. When my husband grinds coffee beans for my coffee, he is surrounded by hopeful, begging animals.


  2. Beth’s avatar

    Hilarious, I could see myself doing that but I wouldn’t have the courage to let anyone else see. Our cat sits at the table with us with his head actually laying on the table waiting for a bite. You have given me the courage to film him and put it up. It’s the funniest thing. My mom would freak out if she saw it.
    Love it!

    Hi Beth,

    My husband’s friend loved watching the dogs get their whipped cream. (twice a day) He wanted us to do a youtube video for him so I did and put it on my blog, too. The dogs get so excited about getting whipped cream that they start whining when my husband grinds the coffee beans.


  3. Beth’s avatar

    I have a question and did not see an email address so I will just ask through your comment section…hope it’s ok. I was wondering, why did you change your blog address and also how did you register your “.com ” address and is it expensive? I’ve been doing some research and they all seem to charge a monthly fee. Any advice?
    Thanks ,

    Hi Beth,

    My real name isn’t Jolynna, so when people who know me in real life lose my blog address, they complain because site address isn’t the same as the name of my blog. Plus I’ve been told I can go in more directions with my own site. I got mine from my ISP for $20 per year. They also are available for advise and set up some of the site for me.

    Most of the help came from my brilliant son-in-law though. The people at my ISP and my husband’s friends didn’t think I could move my comments over along with my posts. But, my son-in-law did it. I am very grateful he was able to keep thinks so much the same.

    If you decide to host your own site, I do suggest you enlist a tech friend or relative if you are not comfortable doing your own codes etc.


  4. BarnGoddess’s avatar

    I LOVE whip cream too….altho my butt does not, since it makes it bigger 🙁

    cute video!

    Hi Barngoddess,

    I might have to cut out some of the whipped cream. I’m getting ready to go on vacation and have been going through clothes. I thought I looked ok in my bathing suit and so did my husband cause he took my picture. Talk about a jolt of reality.

    But, at least the suit is stretchy. After Christmas, I started wearing overalls because they were more comfy. And guess whose jeans don’t fit? 🙁


  5. jayedee’s avatar

    awwwwww! that’s awesome (and i’m putting whipped cream on my grocery list-zoe will love it i think)
    it really tickled me to see it and frankly, it was about time abby got another feature! lol she is my favorite fur blog baby of all time!

    Hi Jayedee,

    Doesn’t Abby have the most expressive face!!!! I love our animals. Every one of them has a unique personality. Abby’s is the sweetest though. Wherever I am, she is at my side. She is totally loyal and dutifully protective.


  6. Merri’s avatar

    Aww they are SPOILT, but what fun, and why NOT!
    I will have to relink to this site as I still have your wordpress address..

    Hi Merri,

    ALL the animals love whipped cream!!! They line up when they hear the coffee grinder.


  7. Strawberry Lane’s avatar

    How cute is that?!

    Never would have thought of even offering the spray whipped cream. And what good dogs … the way they patiently take turns. They deserve all those yummies that come from your terrific kitchen.

    Hi Strawberry Lane,

    The dogs have always been like that, patiently taking turns. They know DH is fair and will give them each their fair share. The cats are more every man for himself.


  8. Robin’s avatar

    I showed the video to Steve then realized that was a mistake. I can see him lining three dogs up in the kitchen and having way too much fun with an entire can of cream. He’s a 43 year old kid. My cup of coffee suddenly doesn’t look as good as it did 10 minutes ago. What a nice treat! Steve brings me coffee in the morning but my jeans that were baggy at Christmas aren’t baggy now.

    Hi Robin,

    We DO go through LOTS of whipped cream. We buy 15 oz. cans of it in three-packs from Sam’s. 🙂

    Awwww…. It is sweet that Steve brings you coffee in the mornings.


  9. Emily’s avatar

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    It’s basically the online equivalent of call forwarding.

    For instance, my husband’s blog address is complicated and hard to remember. Rather than build a whole new site or spend a lot of time, money, and effort transferring his site over to a new location, he registered http://www.route66news.com and then set up a redirect, so people who punch route66news.com into their browsers are automatically taken to http://rwarn17588.wordpress.com, which is the “real” address for his site.

    Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having your own site with its own Web host and its own domain name, but the redirect option is a nice way of getting a domain name for $5 or $10 a year.



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