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Turkey Creek Lane · “Let it snow, let it snow…let it snow!”

“Let it snow, let it snow…let it snow!”

Whee…I’m coming through.”

“Oh yea, I double dog dare you!”


“We want to play, too!”

“Gangway…here we come”

Skipper and Summer play in the snow and scare Abby who decides to watch from afar. (Behind a bush.)

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  1. Merri’s avatar

    Awww , what fun!!!
    LOL at “double dog dare you”..lol
    I love that the horses enjoy the snow too!

    Hi Merri,

    All of our animals are like kids when it first snows. They want to be outside and play. Except for the cats. They are thoroughly disgusted. They stick their noses out, sniff and go back inside. My husband gave up on his “no cat box” stance out of fear of the alternatives. Cause our cats aren’t letting THEIR feet touch snow.


  2. 4urpets’s avatar

    They don’t have snow where I am, but if we did, I am sure my three Chihuahuas would get frozen toes. They don’t like to go out of the house if it is colder than 65 degrees. Spoiled rotten dogs.

    Hi 4urpet,

    Your dogs sound like my cats! Our dogs love the snow. And our horses love us being outside with them. Skipper even races DH when DH is on a 4-wheeler. DH says ready, set, go and Skipper is off like a shot. Skipper is closing in on senior horse years so it is cool to see him acting like a colt.


  3. barngoddess’s avatar

    your horses look beautiful and healthy! your dogs do too, HAPPY!

    it looks like y’all have A LOT of snow….

    Hi Barngoddess,

    We had over a foot of it. Today it has drifted to more. DH got his tractor stuck and had to call and get someone with bigger equipment to pull him out.

    I think our animals are happy. They sure were happy to have people out with them in the snow. Any change in the weather or moving from one pasture to the other gets the horses galloping and playing. I think they like variety in their routine.


  4. jayedee’s avatar

    another priceless picture of abby to steal my heart!

    Thanks Jayedee,

    I think that is my favorite picture of Abby, ever. Those eyes, you can see the love and pure animal soul. And the snow makes her look so cute. Sigh…Can’t help going on and on about my furbabies…


  5. Strawberry Lane’s avatar

    What jolly great fun in the snow!! Loved the video!

    Hi Strawberry Lane,

    We did have fun. DH took the video. I laugh everytime I see Abby sitting behind the bush. She isn’t wanting ANY part of being near the horses while they are acting rowdy. It’s like she is saying, “You all have fun…I’ll just stay back here.”


  6. risingrainbow’s avatar

    They definitely look like they are enjoying the snow. I love the snorting!! Your comment about the cats above is funny. Mine are like that too. There is no way there are getting their little totsies wet and cold. And I think I’m glad of that since Squeaker thinks it’s my job to warm her up whenever she is cold. Cold, wet cat…..YUK!!

    Hi Risingrainbow,

    I love the snorting, too. Although Abby didn’t. No way was she coming out from behind the bush. Both of our orange cats have decided to use furniture for a scratching post since their usual spots are covered with snow. My husband went out and got them a log. But, they are ignoring it.


  7. Bev’s avatar

    I want some snow! We have rain, rain and then more rain here in the Seattle area! We lived in Anchorage, Alaska for 8 years before moving here in 2006 and I got spoiled having snow every Christmas……how I miss it!



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