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The Trenton Duckett Mystery

It has been a year since the disappearance of Trenton Duckett but sadly investigators still cannot say where the Leesburg, Florida toddler is. Trenton’s mother, Melinda Duckett, reported him missing.  She said she went into his bedroom Sunday, August 27, 2006 at 9 p.m. and found him gone. 

When police arrived at the apartment, Duckett showed them a cut in Trenton’s bedroom window screen and accused her estranged husband, Joshua Duckett of abducting their son.

Joshua Duckett, however, soon passed a voice stress test, as well as a lie detector with flying colors. In the meantime, Leesburg police interviewed other family members, canvassed the area with flyers and questioned Duckett’s neighbors as well as sex offenders within a 50 mile radius.

Soon the FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement joined the search.

 But, to no avail. 

According to Trenton’s mother, Trenton was learning to pronounce his First words, “car” and “ball”.

The investigation was further stymied when Melinda Duckett refused a polygraph test and would not disclose where she went or what she did with her son during the 26 hours prior to Trenton’s reported kidnapping.

“The time frame right after Saturday afternoon leading up until Sunday morning, she just didn’t seem willing to discuss,”  said Major Steve Rockefeller, Leesburg Police Department, “At one point, she did get up and leave an interview,”   

To this day, Leesburg Florida Police investigators say they cannot confirm anyone seeing Trenton after 5 p.m., the day before he allegedly went missing.

They may never find out where Melinda took Trenton.  Two weeks after Trenton vanished, following intense questioning by the media and law enforcement, Melinda Duckett committed suicide.

Melinda Eubank Duckett, Trenton’s mother.

Trenton Duckett’s family celebrated his 3rd birthday, August 10 at the Leesburg Police station.< The occasion was full of emotion.

Josh Duckett, Trenton’s father, and Josh’s mother, Carla Massero.

.m_f08744b5ba4b98d445d49db8d3a2b816.gif  Please light a virtual candle for Trenton:

If you have any information concerning
the whereabouts of Trenton Duckett,
please contact theLeesburg Police
Department at 1-352-787-2121
or 1-866-TRENT-65.


  • Go to Trenton’s site and print out his flyer. If you are able to make copies yourself, great. If not, many office supply and copy centers are willing to donate copies.
  • Post a flyer/poster on your window or door.
  • If you’re a business, tape a flyer/poster to your counter.
  • Provide flyers to delivery drivers. Pizza boxes are a great way to distribute flyers.
  • Have flyers readily available to pass out.
  • Take flyers to stores such as Wal-Mart, Target & K-Mart and ask them to post it.
  • Provide daycare centers, hospitals and schools with flyers.
  • If you’re a business traveler, adhere a flyer to your luggage, laptop, or briefcase.
  • If your company exhibits at fairs, conferences or events, have a flyer/poster posted at your booth and have them available for taking.
  • If you have a billboard or sign available for usage, please put Trenton’s information on it.
  • Post flyers/posters in highly visible locations particularly where children regularly visit. This is applicable to every community. Please don’t assume Trenton is still in Florida because he may not be.
  • Pass out flyers during events such as carnivals, parades, community activities, fairs, concerts etc.
  • Link Trenton’s website to emails. As you send an email, the website is distributed to the person the email is addressed to.
  • Tell everyone you know about Trenton’s story. This gets people engaged in Trenton’s story and generates discussion. More people who hear Trenton’s name and see his face, mean more eyes are looking for him.
  • Wear a T – shirt with Trenton’s picture and information.
  • Adhere Trenton’s flyer/poster to your car vehicle (please, nowhere that would impair your visibility).
  • We have actually had someone tell us that they had a magnetized sticker made with Trenton’s picture and info which sticks to the side of their vehicle. What a great idea!
  • Contact your local media, network stations, newspapers, etc. to keep Trenton’s story alive and in the press. Again, this is applicable in every community. The more who hear about Trenton the better our chances of him being found.
  • Get involved. You can make a difference.
  • Say a prayer for the safe return of Trenton to his family.

These are simply suggestions on how you can help bring Trenton Duckett and so many others missing home. The more individuals that are engaged and involved with Trenton’s story, the better the chances of finding Trenton and bringing him home. He needs his dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends and they need him. Keep your eyes open and look at every child you see!

And, please, if you have ANY information at all, please contact the Leesburg Police
Department at 1-352-787-2121 or 1-866-TRENT-65.


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