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Turkey Creek Lane · Playing Cat and Mouse

Playing Cat and Mouse

Simba bringing me a present.

Furry little animals are my favorite gifts.


Last night, Simba brought me a present. He’d caught his first mouse and was excitedly meowing with every step. Unfortunately I didn’t know what Simba’s calls meant until it was too late.

 Proudly, Simba dropped the mouse at my feet and waited to be praised. Only when the mouse ran toward me, I went the other way.

Undaunted, Simba recaptured the mouse and followed me into the next room. Maybe he thought I needed to learn to hunt. He was calling me the way mother cats call their babies.

Which is how we ended up playing cat and mouse.

Patiently, Simba again dropped his mouse, making encouraging chirps and looking at me hopefully.

Simba was proud of his catch. His eyes gleamed. He looked fierce, like his name. But still, he was giving the mouse to me.

 I swept the mouse outside with a broom.

Simba ran out the dog door.

I like to think the mouse escaped and found his way back to the barn. And that the little mouse had a glorious reunion with his family.  

But, this morning, I didn’t kiss Simba.

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  1. Simply Marvelous’s avatar

    That’s one proud cat! Talk about sharing gifts !!
    “Twas probably the purpose of the entire catch routine … just for mom.
    What a photo !

    Hi Simply Marvelous,

    He has brought me grasshoppers before, but this was his first mouse! He was very proud


  2. barngoddess’s avatar

    Simba looks like his fierce cousins the Big Cats the way he is holding his prey.

    lol, he probably was trying to teach you to hunt! looking after his human he was 🙂

    Hi Barngoddess,

    I think you are right and that he was trying to teach me to hunt. But, when the mouse came toward me, I went the other way.


  3. jayedee’s avatar

    i absolutely love it! thank you for sharing simba’s story! lol

    Hi Jayedee,

    Simba looked so proud and this was his first mouse. I had to get a picture and then share.


  4. imagineannie’s avatar

    That is a familiar image, although I’m amazed you got a picture! One of our cats brings dirty socks up from the basement in her mouth like that, yowls and drops them for us as if they were rodents. We don’t think she can actually believe they are “kill,” but we can’t explain what she’s doing.

    Hi imageannie,

    Oh my gosh, I can’t imagine a cat dragging socks up from the basement. If the socks aren’t prey, maybe your cat is bringing you dinner.

    I wonder what it does mean?


  5. h’s avatar

    I feel bad for the mouse!

    Hi h,

    Maybe the mouse made it back to the barn…


  6. Merri’s avatar

    AWW..he DOES wants to teach you how to catch them too!
    And wondering WHY you just didn’t “get” it! LOL.
    Poor mouse indeed!

    Hi Merri,

    I really think Simba was trying to get me to “hunt”. He was being really patient, too. I should have taped his noises. He was really trying to be encouraging, “You can do it. Just don’t run the other way.”


  7. Becca’s avatar

    That’s great! I found a tiny mouse beside our back steps yesterday. If Shondai brought it up, he didn’t tell us. Maybe he forgot. He did catch a rat once when we were out of town. He got major points for that!

    Hi becca!

    I would give a good rat-catching cat major points, too! I bet Shondai did put the mouse by your back steps.


  8. cdnmich’s avatar

    I found your blog on Simply Marvelous. I love the story of your cat, hilarious. My cats are INDOOR cats yet still managed to catch a hummingbird on our deck once and present what was left of it it to us in our living room. It was a team effort. I was vacuuming up little feathers in the carpet for a week!

    Hi cdnmich,

    Thank you for your kind words. I wonder what cats are thinking when they bring us such good “gifts”?



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