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Turkey Creek Lane · Free reference library helps two “buddy sour” horses.

Free reference library helps two “buddy sour” horses.

“I promise to answer your horse related questions and to include three references other than my own experience” said Edna Leigh of Red Pony Farm, “I have at my disposal a vast library of information and many professionals with whom I have the necessary rapport to glean needed expert commentaries. They include veterinarians, ferriers, trainers in several disciplines, breeders, back yard hobbyists, farmers, and competitors of all ages who have achieved success.”

 Edna Leigh was taken up on her offer immediately.

Jolynna asks:

“Separation anxiety question: I have two horses who have hissy fits when separated. Between the neighing and calling back and forth, the head tossing of the one being ridden, and the frantic galloping and bucking of the one left behind, riding isn’t fun. Any suggestions?”

“Buddy Sour” Skipper

Today I had the answer to my question from Edna Leigh and several experts. I am thrilled. Edna Leigh  worked hard and gathered a LOT of information. 

To read the suggestions for how to cure “buddy sour” Skipper and Summer and to read more horse related questions and solutions check out Red Pony Farm:


“Buddy sour” Summer gets a carrot from Autumn.


Give me a kiss

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Saving Kitty and the Barn Kickers

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  1. risingrainbow’s avatar

    Cool, thanks for the link. I think we all deal with this at one time or another unless we only have one horse. lol


  2. barngoddess’s avatar

    Beautiful photos of your horses 🙂 you know Im a pic fanatic!

    I checked out RedPony…..John Lyons was quoted so now Im hooked. I LOVE LOVE Lyons and his ideas. I once attended one of his seminars in Wichita KS at the Horse Expo, the guy is awesome!


  3. desperatehorsewife’s avatar

    Great answer to your question. The same thing can be done with dogs who suffer separation anxiety. I’ve been very fortunate not to have had to deal with it with my horses (knock on wood!)


  4. Simply Marvelous’s avatar

    Thanks for your question on separation anxiety and for the great link. Very helpful replies!


  5. nouveaufauves’s avatar

    I took photographed a horse that was pale colored like this one. A very sociable horse. She had square pupils. It was one of the strangest things I have ever seen!



  6. JJ’s avatar

    My little herd also suffers sepration fits when on or more are taken out of pasture. I solved this by taking each one out and putting that horse in our round pen which was still within sight of the other horses but about 500 ft away from them. They learned quickly that when they did not pace, neigh to each other or even look toward each other with their ears pricked forward that only then would I put them back with the herd. Now I can take them out of sight of each other without much of a problem. The one being taken out does not react as much as the herd left in pasture. Only when all horses remain calm I know I have success.

    I do find that the mares react much more to seperation than do the geldings. The geldings don’t seem to worry about it at all.


  7. Robin’s avatar

    Skipper and Summer are beautiful! I miss having horses some days.

    We took several horses in on rescue. Separation anxiety was the most difficult social problem we had to deal with.

    We had horses here for seven years. We rode with friends. For various reasons, they put their horses out on a free lease for two years. Our horses became too old or scarred (from physical abuse) to carry a rider comfortably so our riding days ended. The horses didn’t see each other for two years. We had one horse put down and two died of very old age. Not long after, the friend had her horses returned, rode up by the farm on one of them, and the horse went a little nuts. He whinnied and neighed, stomped and snorted, tried to leave the road to go to the pasture gate, and was frantic when we couldn’t find Gia, Cola and Andy. Horses are such social creatures. I felt badly for him. He truly missed his friends.



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