“Give me a kiss…”

A video of DH trying to get Summer to give him kisses. Skipper gets jealous.

Pictures below of Summer and Skipper without winter hair.

My grandaughter, Autumn, was trying to give Summer a carrot. Only she dropped it on the ground. Summer is trying to get Autumn’s attention…she’s nickering and talking, “Hey, the carrot’s on the ground. And, I’m still here and hungry.”



  1. notaprettygirl’s avatar

    I just wanted to say thank you for the comment, it was very thoughtful and very nice to get a warm feeling from someone who doesn’t even know me. So don’t take this as I searched your site to look for something nice to say to you lol
    But 1- You are in damn good shape for a grandmother haha
    and 2- I look at your blog and I see my 2 most favorite foods, salmon and Rhubarb pie!!!! Keep posting the recipes as I am a new wife and I can use all the help I can get!!!


  2. Midgiesmom’s avatar

    Beautiful horses. Have always dreamed of having a farm with a couple horses…lucky you.



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